Judges Road Event Center

311 Judges Road
Unit 2B
Wilmington, NC 28405

(910) 795-9397

Hours: Open during events or by appointment.

Directions to Judges Road Event Center, home of Scrap and Design:

Judges Road is off Market St. just past intersection of Cardinal Drive.  Look for the yellow Hertz Equipment Rental sign.  This is at the corner of Judges Road and Market Street.  Once on Judges Road, go past the Hertz Equipment lot and the Judges Road Business Park is on the left.  Scrap and Design is located in the Judges Road Business Park.  Turn left in the first driveway.  Look to the right and you will see Unit 2B in the first row.  Judges Road Event Center and Scrap and Design is locagted in Unit 2B.

Parking: Scrap and Design has two designated parking spots right in front of the door.  They are marked “B.”  If they are empty, feel free to use these spots.  If the two “B’ spots are taken, please park in one of the unmarked spots on the opposite side of the lot, facing the street.  Please do not park in a space marked with another unit number.  On crop or large class days, please pull in one of the 2B spaces to unload and then move your car to a visitor space once you have unloaded.


Directions from Judges Road Event Center to get to Gordon Road-

Turn: left out of parking lot onto Judges Road

Right onto Albemarle

Left onto Fitzgerald

Right onto Twin Leaf

Right onto Strawfield

Right onto Green Meadows

Left onto Amsterdam Way

Left onto Netherlands Dr.

You will come out at the light at the intersection of Netherlands and Gordon Rd. (next to the Kangaroo Station and across from Eaton Elementary)

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